Francesco Orazzini (1988) was born in Livorno, Italy and raised in Rosignano Solvay where his hometown hosts a daunting industrial chemical plant that is in direct conflict with nature’s splendor. The high level of pollution caused ecological problems; transformed the color of the golden beach into white bleached sand, and the blue seas saturated with shades of fluorescence.
Growing up in such a contradictory environment superimposed with Christian art and pop TV mania, Orazzini developed bodies of works that comprise imaginary dark and grotesque themes that are simultaneously critical and satirical; narrations of human behavior in the social, spiritual, and political spheres.   At the age of eighteen he moved to Rome where he obtained an honors degree in Illustration and Animation from the European Institute of Design (IED Rome). In 2010 he moved to New York City where he worked as a freelance illustrator and as a studio assistant for Nancy Lorenz. In 2013 he moved to México City, where he still resides and works full-time as a freelance visual artist and illustrator. He held solo exhibitions in Italy and Mexico, and participated in several collective exhibitions in galleries and museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Museum of Geology UNAM, and the Soumaya Museum. In 2018 he participated in the first Biennial of Illustration of Mexico. He illustrates books and currently gives workshops on both painting and illustration, focusing on aesthetic semantics and symbols.





2007 – 2010 IED European Institute of Design, Rome

Honors Degree – Illustration and Animation


2017 Galeria Arca MX and MUTEM Museum- Vislumbramento – México City

2016 Art Space Mexíco – Carne Viciosa – México City

2010 SguardoContemporaneo – Vuoture – Rome


2018 Museum of  Geology – Nekros Opsis – México City

2018 Aguafuerte Gallery – Lo Politico en el Arte – México City

2018 Centro de Cultura Digital – Biennal of Illustration – México City

2018 Univeristy of Leipzig- Otherness – Leipzig

2018 Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos- Feria del Millon/Arte Diez- México City

2017 ArtSpace México – Demiurgo – México City

2017 Soumaya Mouseum – Rodin Royal Talens, Watercolors Honorable Mention- México City

2016 Aguafuerte Gallery – Migración, el exodo a través de México – México City

2015 Cultura Colectiva & Mextropoli Festival -Intersticios Corporeos – México City

2014 Méxican Museum of Design – Death with a Smile- México City

2013 Pulse New York – Velodyne Acoustic Fine Arts – New York City

2012 Gallery New World Stage – First Contact – New York City

2010 Triennial of Milan – Violenza Invisible Filmfestival – Milan

2010 Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome – Rome